The difference between a teacher and a mentor 
is that a teacher learned the concepts they are teaching from a course, 
whereas   a mentor carries breakthroughs and authority 
because they have gone through what they are teaching

Steven Sweeney, M.Ed., CCBT, CBGT, CPSP
Founder: Steven Sweeney & Associates LLC, Good Success Home Study, LLC and Hope2Heal, Inc.

Certified Post-Betrayal Transformation (PBT) Practitioner
Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist
Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapist
Certified Pretrial Services Professional
Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Life Coach
Certified Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Facilitator
Certified Hope2Heal Transformation Practitioner
Creator of " Only A Lion Understands A Lion" Coaching Technique

Welcome to my site! 

This is where I introduce you to my world, and invite you to join me on this amazing journey, however this will not be for everyone.  I'm in search of certain types of people because I help desperate people execute the Transformation Hat Trick, which is to  Adapt, Overcome & Thrive, despite being bludgeoned by life.

I train Hope2Heal Transformation Life Coaches and Practitioners in my technique - "Only A Lion Understands A Lion".  I only work with a  unique brand of Transformation Life Coaches  who are willing to be transparent about their own life traumas for the purpose of helping others.

"I’ve made so many bad life decisions. I’ve hurt people knowingly and mistakenly. I’ve done bad things with good intentions. I say this because I am human. I don’t pretend to have the answers. I have my own demons that I battle everyday. But, despite my many shortcomings, I’ve still managed to get really good at this one thing . . . and I’d like to share it with you."  I can teach you how to Adapt, Overcome and Thrive, using the circumstances of your trauma  and desperation as momentum for the rewarding journey ahead.   "I don’t know who you are (yes, you, the one reading this), but thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for allowing me to do work I find meaningful. "

Adapted from Alex Hormozi

When I read what Alex wrote, I was blown away because his words really captured the sentiment of my purpose in life. I'm a stroke survivor, (two strokes within five months of each other in 2019) and I have a life long history of ADD - laboratory conditions for preparing myself to help you!

Now, I'm intentionally writing a long "Welcome Page", because I need to start the process of disqualifying people who are not ready, or not suited for what I do or what I offer.  And that's OK, this is not for everyone, and I, (Coach Sween) am not for everyone.  So let's begin shall we?

Here are the traits I'm searching for in the Hope2Heal Transformation Life Coaches I certify: 

  • Coaches/Practitioners who believe that Desperation Creates Its Own Momentum
  • Coaches/Practitioners who understand and have demonstrated the ability to Adapt, Overcome and Thrive
  • Coaches/Practitioners who ascribe to the notion that Our Health Is Our Wealth
  • Coaches/Practitioners who seek Ideas, Concepts, Insights & Strategies that lead to Favorable Results
  • Coaches/Practitioners who are Comfortable In Chaos
  • Coaches/Practitioners who know from their personal experience that Trauma is a Setup for Transformation
  • Coaches/Practitioners who know that From Chaos Comes Great Change
  • Coaches/Practitioners who practice The Law Of Proximity  and want to Invest In Themselves
  • Coaches/Practitioners who are authentic and share the belief that:

"I use all the train wrecks of my 62 year life, to coach my clients through their 
 state of desperation - because ultimately,  that's where their treasure is hidden - in the  wreckage. 

Healing Flows Out Of My Freshly Healed Heart  - that's what makes me relatable to my clients -
I'm Authentic, thus positive results are quite consistent"   Steven Sweeney

If you're still reading, that's good, you're still a candidate.  I want to share with you the Unique Competitive Advantages  of OALUAL (Only A Lion Understands A Lion) Hope2Heal Transformation Certification.  It's a "Proprietary Blend"  of education, professional work experience, practical life experience and of course recurring blunders.  Here's a brief "Executive Summary" of Coach Sween's vast body of work and destruction: 

  • Trained/Professional Certified Therapist since 1984 [39 years]
  • Recovering from two catastrophic strokes in 2019 within 5 months of each other (after stroke # I was in a coma for 20 hours)
  • Certified Post-Betrayal Transformation Practitioner -  I survived Post-Betrayal and now thriving after an adulterous betrayal by my ex-wife in 2002 - although it took from DDay [Discovery Day] in October of 2003 til stroke #1 in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand on April 9, 2019.  I had to be miraculously healed from the Soul Wound that had metastasized to the point of death.
  • Grief: 
    • Experienced the horrific death of my Hero/Dad in March of 2005
    • The death of my 23 year old daughter and her unborn child to a fentanyl OD in January 2022
  • Multiple self inflicted health challenges:
    • ADD [a lifelong struggle]
    • Type II Diabetes since 2009 when I ballooned to 290 lbs
    • Chronic Hypertension since 1991
  • A history of poor life choices, blunders and screw ups
  • An ultra competitive Apex Alpha Male (former promiscuous musician and athlete) who had all of the pre-existing conditions for a physical, emotional and spiritual meltdown as evidenced by those two strokes and two divorces
  • A history of substance abuse
  • Hardwired for Pride, Arrogance and basically a congenital asshole until God humbled my ass with stroke #1 [but in recovery now LOL]
  • Two failed marriages [divorced x 2] in 1995 and 2015
  • Currently thriving with a partially paralyzed right (dominant) hand from stroke #1

...and there are stories related to all of that!  But guess what?  I embrace it ALL because it is what has developed me and made me the creature that I am today - A Freak Of Nature.  Wow, It Wasn't Easy - But It Was Worth It. 

My invitation

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You KNOW that there was a Purpose For Your Pain.
  • You want to experience knowing that you provided a desperate person with the help and experience that you longed for, but never received.
  • You KNOW that had you been mentored and coached by someone who actually understood your challenges, you could have shortened the duration of your trauma.
  • You've experienced FIRST HAND, what it's like to look back at your challenges in life and now you are actually grateful for them, because they developed and refined you to be the amazing Work Of Art that you are today.
  • You are a Visual Aid of Hope, Healing, Resilience and Tenacity
  • Your Legacy will be that of an Elite Overcomer and World Changer.

If any or ALL of that sounds like you, then please schedule a free 30 minute "Discovery Call" with me.  I am a "Results" oriented Hope2Heal Transformation Practitioner and will only accept 15 new clients per month in my twelve-week OALUAL  Hope2Heal Certification course. 

The two Certifications I offer are:

  • Hope2Heal Transformation Life Coach
  • Hope2Heal Transformation Practitioner

I'm offering you the tools you need to Transform Your Trauma into an awesome career that will truly be satisfying and fulfilling - that I can promise.

Peace and Blessings,

Steve,  aka Coach Sween

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