Meaning Of Hope2Heal

HOPE2HEAL is an acronym for two words. HOPE is an acronym for “Historically Oppressed People Endure.” HEAL is an acronym for “Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Arts, & Leadership.” 

The Meaning of HEAL

Hope2Heal Transformation Coaching caters to people like me, with various mental and physical issues that ushered us into a state of desperation; but that's actually a good thing because Desperation Creates Its Own Momentum. So we repurpose it [desperation], to fulfill our collective destinies. We rely upon Coaches who are relatable - coaches who have "been there" and can guide our clients through the despair they're facing.

Entrepreneurship: Once our clients begin to experience positive changes in health and wellness, it will eventually show outwardly. They will have a new mindset and become a visual aid for friends, family and their sphere of influence. They'll become an ambassador for their respective personal brand. The natural next step in their transformative evolution is that they organically and consistently spawn Ideas, Concepts, Insights & Strategies that lead to Favorable Results in every domain of their lives. They discover and live the motto: Our Health Is Our Wealth. We equip the Hope2Heal Transformation Coaches that we train with the tools they need to be successful.

The Arts: Like every brilliant piece of artwork, there MUST be "Inspiration" - but it can be so difficult to "create" when there's a struggle with atrocious health, chronic pain, poor sleep, addictive behaviors and the inability to focus. So what ends up revealing itself is a state of "desperation"- but that's ok, because we need a "target" to hover over and ultimately destroy. Mindset training is instrumental in everything we do as Hope2Heal Transformation Coaches and Practitioners. We train our team to teach clients to Embrace The Purpose Of Their Pain. Their life traumas become "Art", and creativity is rediscovered as an innate skill set. What they previously thought was a foreshadowing of their untimely demise, is now the legacy of their triumphant journey. Now THAT my friend is Art, aka "Poetry In Motion"

Leadership: The servant leader is known for their ability to Adapt, Overcome and Thrive, but not only that, Servant Leaders bequeath those qualities to their tribe. That's why The Law Of Proximity is so crucial to what Hope2Heal Transformation Coaching is producing. We all have amazing stories of HOPE (Historically Oppressed People who have Endured). Hope2Heal Transformation Coaches and Practitioners teach our clients to be Comfortable In Chaos becauseTrauma is a Setup for Transformation. Many times, "It Takes A Lion To Understand A Lion" in this familiar scenario - but fortunately, that's what we specialize in.

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