1. What is the Hope2Heal Transformation Coach Certification Program?
    • The Hope2Heal Transformation Coach Certification Program is a transformative 90-day training course. It offers dual certification in Cognitive-Behavioral Life Coaching and Hope2Heal Transformation Coaching. Our aim is to enable our members to create and grow their own successful Transformation Coaching Practice, helping others navigate their own healing journeys.
  2. Who should consider enrolling in this program?
    • The program is suitable for those who have experienced personal life-altering traumas and have a desire to utilize these experiences to guide others through their healing process. It is ideally suited for individuals passionate about personal growth, life coaching, and healing practices.
  3. Who is the key person behind Hope2Heal?
    • Hope2Heal was founded by Steven Sweeney, M.Ed., CCBT, CBGT, CPSP. He developed the program based on his personal transformation journey and his unique coaching method, "Only A Lion Understands A Lion."
  4. How is the Hope2Heal Transformation Coach Certification Program different from other coaching programs?
    • The Hope2Heal Transformation Coach Certification Program emphasizes the importance of personal experience in the coaching practice. Our coaches don't merely impart textbook knowledge; they guide others through their healing journeys based on their personal triumph over struggles.
  5. What is the "Only A Lion Understands A Lion" coaching methodology?
    • This coaching methodology emphasizes the principle that only those who have undergone a similar healing process can profoundly understand and guide others through theirs. This deep-rooted empathy is the foundation of our coaching practices.
  6. What type of support is provided post-certification?
    • Hope2Heal maintains a vibrant and supportive community on our Hope2Heal Coach Facebook Group, where certified coaches can interact, ask questions, and share experiences to enhance their coaching journey further.
  7. Are there any financing options for the certification program?
  8. What is the mission of Hope2Heal, Inc.?
    • Hope2Heal, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, is devoted to turning personal anguish into collective healing. Our mission also includes combating the Fentanyl epidemic by providing resources, raising awareness, and offering empathetic support to those affected. Additionally:  

At Hope2Heal, Inc., our mission is to drive a paradigm shift in the transformation coaching industry by empowering individuals who have faced life-altering traumas to channel their adversities into purposeful growth and resilience. Through our Hope2Heal Transformation Coach Certification program, we seek not just to support survival but to champion thriving lives. Our goal is to help individuals see their personal narratives as tools for catalyzing positive change.

Our qualitative aim is to foster an environment where individuals can rise above experiences of low self-esteem, guilt, and hopelessness. By nurturing resilience, determination, and forgiveness, we strive to transition our clients into individuals brimming with confidence and optimism for the future. This transformation resonates on a larger scale, cultivating a ripple effect of hope, resilience, and empowerment in communities.

Value Statements:

Transformational Journey: We envision every challenge as a stepping stone towards transformation and growth, helping individuals to leverage adversity and thrive in their journey.

      1. Client-centric Success: Our clients' transformation and triumph form the bedrock of our success. Their personal growth is our key performance indicator.
      2. Ethical Commitment: We commit ourselves to uphold principles of integrity, respect, honesty, and professionalism, laying a strong ethical foundation for all our interactions.
      3. Engaged Communication: We nurture an environment that encourages open dialogue and active listening, promoting free and meaningful expression amongst our clients.
      4. Embracing Diversity: We value and promote diversity across all dimensions – race, gender, ethnicity, geography, and personal experiences. We believe that our mission is enriched and emboldened by such diversity.
      5. The Pursuit of Knowledge: We advocate lifelong learning for our clients and team members. As change is the only constant, adaptability and continued personal development are central to achieving sustainable success.

At Hope2Heal, Inc., we are passionate about empowering people to wield their personal experiences as a force for transformation and inspiration. We are committed to disrupting the transformation coaching industry with our tailored, compassionate approach to people who have faced various life traumas, instilling resilience and optimism where despair once resided.
9. What does being a "Certified Hope2Heal Transformation Coach" entail?

  • A Certified Hope2Heal Transformation Coach is an individual who uses personal life experiences to empathetically guide, inspire, and empower others on their healing journey. They become a beacon of hope, facilitating personal transformation in others.

10. How can I sign up for the Hope2Heal Transformation Coach Certification Program?

  • Prospective applicants can schedule a free 30-minute "Discovery Call" via our website. We limit our monthly intake to 15 new clients for our eight-week program to provide personalized and focused training.  Click here to schedule a Discovery Call now:  https://calendly.com/hope2heal/30min

11. What benefits come with being a Hope2Heal Transformation Coach?

  • As a Certified Hope2Heal Transformation Coach, you not only guide but also inspire and empower others through your personal experiences. You utilize your past as a key to unlock brighter futures for both yourself and others, turning work into a journey of healing and transformation.

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